Ep 04: "Facing Fears and Shifting Gears": Being Autistic in a Neurotypical World is Like Driving an Car With A Manual Transmission As If It Had an Automatic Transmission

Facing Fears and Shifting Gears: Mental Health, Neurodiversity, and Making Positive Changes by Leslie Reyes

Episode notes

I began to suspect I was on the autism spectrum two years ago when my computer's algorithm started suggesting articles and videos to me about women who are on the autism spectrum. And after almost two years of therapy and testing, I was officially diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Level I. Why did I think I might be on the spectrum and why did I feel the need to obtain and official diagnosis? I talk all about it in Episode #4 of Facing Fears and Shifting Gears!

The best analogy I could come up with, is I feel like my brain and body are a car, and I was taught to drive it like it had an automatic transmission, when it turns out, my "car" has a manual transmission. If you ever tried to drive a manual transmission car as if it had an automatic transmission, what would happen? The same thing that happens to an autistic person who tries to navi ... 

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