Ep. 03: "Facing Fears and Shifting Gears": Lazy? Stupid? No! You Just Need Help Developing Executive Functioning Skills

Facing Fears and Shifting Gears: Mental Health, Neurodiversity, and Making Positive Changes by Leslie Reyes

Episode notes

What are executive functioning skills?

For years, I just thought I was a "messy person". And I hated it. I was ashamed of it, actually. I was jealous of people who seem to have it all together: Their bills are paid on time, they always have clean laundry, they show up on time for appointments, their meals are prepped so they never end up at a fast food drive through in a hurry, and their house and their entire lives are organized.

I thought my inability to organize my life, and just plain be able to "adult" like an adult, was a character flaw. I thought maybe I was just lazy or just too stupid and immature to get my life in order.

Well, after my informal autism diagnosis, I learned about something called "executive functioning skills". I also learned that those of us on the autism spectrum have a hard time developing executive ... 

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