Ep. 02: Fear of Cheer and Happiness. "Cherophobia". It's a Real Thing.

Facing Fears and Shifting Gears: Mental Health, Neurodiversity, and Making Positive Changes by Leslie Reyes

Episode notes

Yes, it's really a thing. Cherophobia is the Fear of being happy. Why would anyone be afraid to be happy?

Cherophobia is not recognized as an official diagnosis in the DSM-V, but it is something recognized as falling under an anxiety disorder.

Sometimes people are afraid to allow themselves to be "happy" or experience joy because they fear something bad will happen. This can happen to people who grew up around mental illness, domestic abuse, chemical dependency, or alcoholism. Every day, waiting for the other shoe to drop. Just when things were going well, something bad was bound to happen. They didn't want to allow themselves to get to comfortable in feeling joy or happiness, only to have it ripped away.


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