Shea Butter BoysExplicit

by Shea Butter Boys

The podcast for Shea Butter Boys and Girls. Finch, Kori, and Ray check all the boxes: entertaining, thoughtful, quirky, and best of all, free.  

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E20 - The Impossible Chopped Cheese

    S01 E20 - The Impossible Chopped CheeseExplicit

    Aye man, don't ask. This episode was a weird one. Definitely still top notch but this episode has an A & a B side. Two VERY different sides so just keep that in mind. Thanks for Listening

  • S01 E19 - The Mixtape Mistake

    S01 E19 - The Mixtape MistakeExplicit

    The SBB are discussing a mixtape that Ray bought in Walmart, Dungeons and Dragons, & plenty more.Honestly, this episode might have been a little more off the rails than we expected. I'm just going to leave this here: https://sound...

  • S01 E18 - Halloween Escape Room Special

    S01 E18 - Halloween Escape Room SpecialExplicit

    The SBB are out for this week. Their replacements? Oh easy. Mermaid Man, an Akatsuki Member, and a Dark Fairy.These three give an in-depth recap of the 13th Gate Escape Room they did together. As well as: how they found their cost...

  • S01 E17 - Nostalgia Lane

    S01 E17 - Nostalgia Lane Explicit

    This is a filler episode in anime but in SBB fashion.Enjoy the Episode

  • S01 E16 - WWE in the Club

    S01 E16 - WWE in the ClubExplicit

    The SBB are getting back to their freeballing roots. In this episode, they promote their new YouTube video, find movies for Ray to watch, discuss the life of turtles with cube shells, try to find a debt collector, and commentate w...