Shea Butter BoysExplicit

by Shea Butter Boys

Finch, Kori, and Ray discuss important events in the news, make fun of the dumb things in everyday life, and create artistic soul lifting freestyles all on a weekly basis. 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • S02 E09 - Animals Are Getting Busy

    S02 E09 - Animals Are Getting BusyExplicit

    In this episode, the SBB talk about how they keep busy during the quarantine: making crafts, gaming, exercising, and etc. Then, they take a look at what animals have been up to lately: otter fights, dog competitions, and a possibl...

    Apr 04 2020
    Apr 04 2020
  • S02 E08 - The Quarantine Episode

    S02 E08 - The Quarantine EpisodeExplicit

    In this episode, the SBB explain how they have been handling the Covid-19 Quarantine of 2020. In addition, they had to meet over a Google Meet, since they could not meet in person. They talked about how they keep busy, the effect ...

    Mar 25 2020
    Mar 25 2020
  • S02 E07 - Game Night with Bri

    S02 E07 - Game Night with BriExplicit

    In this episode, Bri (Podcast friend and listener) joins the SBB as they go 2v2 against each other. They are playing Frankly: a game that gets players to ask each other questions and award points on how they answer. There is a lit...

    Mar 15 2020
    Mar 15 2020
  • S02 E06 - The Hair Episode

    S02 E06 - The Hair EpisodeExplicit

    In their 20th Episode, the SBB finally talk about their hair styles. There was a technical difficulty that unfortunately cause half of the episode to be scrapped. It was possibly our best segment yet, but it's gone forever. Howeve...

    Mar 08 2020
    Mar 08 2020
  • S02 E06 - What's Your Personality?

    S02 E06 - What's Your Personality?Explicit

    On this episode of the SBB, The Shea Butter Boys take a personality quiz to find out who they really are. They answered 100 questions, and the results probably won't surprise anyone. Either way, it was an informative and funny exp...

    Mar 01 2020
    Mar 01 2020