Shaherald Night Live! - S3E3 - Former Agnostic Singapore Airlines Cabin Crew Turn Businesswoman Embraces Islam

Shaherald Night Live! by Shaherald

Episode notes


Formerly a Singapore Airlines cabin crew who was an agnostic, Nur Jannah Chan is a Singaporean Chinese who grew up in a family of Chinese customs and traditions. Curious about religion and the existence of God since young, she did not question it as she was advised to ignore it. Despite the many challenges faced in finding her spirituality, sister Jannah got curious about Islam through one of her flights to Turkey. She eventually reverted to Islam in 2014 and is now a successful businesswoman behind a baby food business, Anya Meals.

Points in Discussion

- What were Nur Jannah's background and her beliefs?

- How did she come to find out about Islam and eventually embrace it?

- What was it particularly in Islam that attracted her?

- What are her c ... 

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