Sex Like This

by Uncomfortable Revolution

Why do we always hear the same love stories? The abled-bodied, hetero, storybook version of what it’s like to fall in love gets told over and over and over again. Not anymore. Welcome to Sex Like This - an Uncomfortable Revolution podcast about sex and dating with a chronic illness or disability, hosted by Nicole Edwards, URevolution Media Fellow, 2018. 

Podcast episodes

  • Love and Donuts

    Love and DonutsExplicit

    When Emily Sauer first started having pain during sex, she wasn't sure how to bring it up with her partners, or her doctors. Who would have thought a donut could solve all her problems?   Does Emily's story sound familiar to you? ...

  • Saints, Sinners & Seizures

    Saints, Sinners & SeizuresExplicit

    Emily was engaged to a Vicar's son before she found London's polyamory scene. She did a lot before her body stopped cooperating, and she still does -- just in a brand new way. Check out for more stories about sex a...

  • Abbey in Wonderland

    Abbey in WonderlandExplicit

    For Abbey, living with "Alice in Wonderland Syndrome" was anything but a fairytale. On top of feeling unhappy romantically, Abbey was losing control of her body. No doctor seemed to have the answer, and while Abbey ventured down t...

  • Mark's New RItuals

    Mark's New RItuals

    Mark's brain used to throw a lot of thoughts at him that he didn't know how to deal with. Because of that, he never stayed in love for long. That all changed when he found a way to rewire his thinking. Check out fo...

  • Two Wrongs and Mr. Right

    Two Wrongs and Mr. RightExplicit

    When Jessica and her fiance break up, she dives back into the dating world in a big way. But then she gets sick -- really sick -- and wonders if she'll ever be able to find love again because of her illness. Check out SexLikeThis....