The SEO Dilemma: DIY or Hire an Agency

SEO Explained: Decoding SEO with Expert Insight and Science-Backed Strategies by Adam Truszkowski

Episode notes

In this episode of SEO Explained, hosts Kyle Roof and Adam Truszkowski discuss various options available for implementing effective SEO strategies. They cover the approaches of doing it yourself, hiring an agency, or keeping it in-house, acknowledging the challenges of juggling SEO with other responsibilities. The conversation dives into the intricacies of crafting a comprehensive SEO strategy, from formulating initial strategies and research, to competitor analysis, keyword research, content planning, creation, and on-page implementation. Adam and Kyle explore the significance of off-page signals, including backlinks and outreach campaigns. The hosts emphasize the importance of assessing available resources and budget to determine the optimal approach, whether relying on internal team members or outsourcing to agencies. The episode also ... 

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