SEO in an age of AI

SEO Explained: Decoding SEO with Expert Insight and Science-Backed Strategies by Adam Truszkowski

Episode notes

In this episode, hosts Kyle Roof and Adam Truszkowski discuss the impact of AI on SEO. They explore how AI has changed content creation by enabling quick generation, but emphasize that AI hasn't fundamentally altered search engine results.

They predict AI tools might enhance search functions by extracting relevant information for users, similar to existing Chrome extensions. However, they caution that AI-generated content, if used excessively, could lead to duplicate content issues and negatively affect site credibility.

They suggest AI's value lies in aiding content drafting, generating ideas, and improving optimization. Kyle and Adam believe that voice search and featured snippets didn't eliminate web page visits, as people still seek more information beyond brief answers provided by AI or voice assistants.

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