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SEO Explained: Decoding SEO with Expert Insight and Science-Backed Strategies by Adam Truszkowski

Episode notes

The pilot episode of the SEO Explained podcast features an interview with Kyle Roof, co-founder of High Voltage SEO. The interview covers Kyle's background and journey into the world of SEO.

He initially worked as a lawyer and shifted to teaching English in South Korea, where he eventually ventured into web development and SEO and developed a unique method to run tests on Google's algorithm. One notable success was ranking a site for the keyword 'rhinoplasty Plano' using strategically placed Lorem Ipsum text to meet the algorithm's mathematical requirements.

This approach demonstrated the significance of math-based strategies over solely focusing on content quality for SEO ranking. The podcast also outlines the topics that will be discussed in future episodes, including SEO strategies, AI's impact on SEO, and more.

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