Selective HearingExplicit

by Julie Dammar

Welcome to Selective Hearing, a place of complete transparency that highlights the benefits of actively listening to each other. At some point in our lives, we've all practiced selective hearing. Now, let's talk about changing that and fostering healing, learning, and understanding. I share my journey with you through my gift, hoping to inspire you. This is Selective Hearing, and Selective Hearing is you!

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  • Selective Hearing Introduction


    Selective Hearing Introduction


    Welcome to Selective Hearing.

  • Not Supermom, BUT I AM A SUPER MOM!


    Not Supermom, BUT I AM A SUPER MOM!


    Happy Mother's Day! Join this beautiful and transparent panel discussion about the journey of motherhood. These phenomenal women and I shared our stories and experiences as mothers to uplift all mothers on this special day. You are not alone, momma bears, and you are doing fantastic! Connect with the guest. Ann Kaplan: Flemming: Zawrothy: Marie: (Priya)Sen Gupta:

  • Discovering My Purpose

    Discovering My Purpose

    We are all born with a purpose and an incredibly unique story. Both directly relate and lead us to that special place that teaches us how to unlock our true potential. Join me as I discuss some things I discovered on my way to finding my purpose.

  • #Momlife


    Momming is a tough job; whether you stay at home or be a part of the workforce, your real job is never done. So let's learn to support each other and respect our differences because we are all in this together at the end of the day. #Momlife

  • Take Time To Live In The Moment

    Take Time To Live In The Moment

    Each passing season brings change and a swift reminder of how precious time is. Despite understanding its fleeting presence, choose to live abundantly and in each moment you are gifted.