#82 - Nat: Static & Dynamic Analysis, Formal Verification, Trail Of Bits Auditing, Stateful Testing

Scraping Bits by DeGatchi

Episode notes

In this episode of the Trail of Bits podcast, host Nat Chin guides listeners through the complex and critical realms of static and dynamic analysis, formal verification, and the comprehensive auditing processes employed at Trail of Bits. With the expertise of a panel of seasoned engineer-consultants from Trail of Bits, the discussion illuminates the intricate methodologies that underpin cybersecurity. The episode explores how static analysis helps in scrutinizing code without execution to catch vulnerabilities early, while dynamic analysis observes the code's behavior in real-time to identify runtime issues. Formal verification is also discussed, showcasing its role in ensuring that software systems meet rigorous correctness criteria through mathematical proofs. The panel also dives into the nuanced layers of Trail of Bits' auditing processes, wh ... 

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