#73 - Lucas Bruder: Jito Client, Solana 1.18 Validator, MEV, Sandwiching & Spam Techniques

Scraping Bits by DeGatchi

Episode notes

In this thrilling episode of Scraping Bits, we're diving deep with Lucas Bruder, the visionary mind behind Jito, as we explore the forefront of validator optimization, Solana's Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) landscape, and the complex world of sandwiching and spam techniques. Lucas offers an insider’s view on how Jito is reshaping the way validators operate within the Solana ecosystem, pushing the boundaries for efficiency and performance.

Listeners will be treated to a detailed discussion on the strategies used to enhance validator operations, the intricacies of MEV on Solana, and the ethical and technical considerations surrounding practices like transaction sandwiching and spamming. Whether you’re deeply embedded in the Solana network, intrigued by the dynamics of blockchain technology, or curious about the mechanisms that drive decentr ... 

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