#69 - Mark Richardson: How BancorDAO's Lead Dev Automated Blockchain Trading Strategies

Scraping Bits by DeGatchi

Episode notes

Get ready to delve into the automated world of blockchain trading strategies in episode #69 of Scraping Bits with DeGatchi. We are excited to feature Mark Richardson, the lead developer at BancorDAO, who has been instrumental in pioneering automated trading strategies on the blockchain.

In this episode, Mark peels back the layers of complexity surrounding the Bancor Protocol and how its automated market-making mechanisms are revolutionizing the way we think about liquidity and trading in the DeFi space. From the early days of Bancor to the innovative developments that continue to unfold, Mark offers invaluable insights into the technical wizardry that makes it all possible.

Listeners will get an insider's look at:

  • The mechanics of automated trading strategies on the blockchain.
  • How BancorDAO leverages algorithmic ap ... 
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