#55 - Rand Hindi: ZamaAI Homomorphic Encryption, Genetic Engineering, Societal Deepfake AI Threat

Scraping Bits by DeGatchi

Episode notes

In this podcast "Scraping Bits" by DeGatchi, in episode #55, features a thought-provoking discussion on "Homomorphic Encryption, Genetic Engineering, The Deepfake Threat" with special guest Rand Hindi. The conversation delves into the intersection of these diverse yet interconnected topics, exploring the implications of homomorphic encryption in the context of genetic engineering and the emerging challenges posed by the deepfake threat. Rand Hindi, an expert in artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, provides valuable insights into the potential impacts and risks associated with these technologies, offering a multifaceted perspective on their societal, ethical, and technological implications. The episode promises to be an engaging and informative exploration of the complex dynamics between privacy, genetic manipulation, and the evolving landsc ... 

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