#43 - Alex Watts: Reopening The Mempool: Disrupting Monopolized Private MEV Orderflow

Scraping Bits by DeGatchi

Episode notes

In this dynamic episode of the Scraping Bits podcast, host DeGatchi is joined by Alex Watts (aka Thogard), an expert in the realm of blockchain economics and decentralized finance (DeFi). The episode centers around a crucial and timely topic: combating the monopolization of Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) exclusive order flow and the strategies to encourage public transactions in the blockchain space.

Alex Watts dives deep into the concept of MEV, explaining how it operates within blockchain networks and its significance in the DeFi ecosystem. He articulates the challenges posed by the monopolization of MEV, where select players can gain unfair advantages, leading to a less equitable and transparent transaction environment.

The core of the discussion focuses on innovative methods and incentives that can encourage users and developers  ... 

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