#42 - Miguel Alonso Torres: Crypto Investigations: Hunting Human Trafficker Wallets w/ Tracelon

Scraping Bits by DeGatchi

Episode notes

In this gripping episode of the Scraping Bits podcast, host DeGatchi welcomes Miguel, a specialist in Web3 investigations, for an eye-opening discussion on the intersection of technology and law enforcement. This episode takes listeners into the heart of cutting-edge efforts to combat human trafficking using Web3 tools and collaborations with the FBI.

Miguel, with his extensive experience in digital investigations, shares insights into how the decentralized and transparent nature of Web3 technologies is being harnessed to track and combat human trafficking networks. He explains the technical aspects of blockchain and cryptocurrency analysis, and how these tools provide unique advantages in tracing illicit activities and financial transactions.

The conversation also delves into the dynamics of working alongside law enforcement agencies ... 

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