#40: Developing and Auditing Zero Knowledge Cryptography At zkSync - Ft. Porter Adams

Scraping Bits by DeGatchi

Episode notes

In this captivating 40th episode of the Scraping Bits podcast, host DeGatchi is joined by Porter Adams, an esteemed expert in the field of blockchain technology and cryptography. This episode dives deep into the intricate world of Zero Knowledge Cryptography, with a special focus on its application and development at zkSync.

Porter Adams brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, providing listeners with an insider's view on the cutting-edge advancements in Zero Knowledge proofs and their implementation in zkSync, a leading Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum. He discusses the technical nuances of developing robust and efficient cryptographic protocols, and the crucial role they play in ensuring privacy and scalability in blockchain networks.

The conversation also sheds light on the meticulous process of auditing these cryptograph ... 

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