#22: Leading Ethereum's Formal Verification + CoFounding Powdr Labs - Ft. Leo Alt

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Episode notes

In this insightful conversation, we delve into the world of Ethereum and blockchain technology with a prominent leader in the field, Leo Alt. Leo is at the forefront of Ethereum's formal verification efforts, ensuring the security and reliability of smart contracts on this groundbreaking platform. He also co-founded Powdr Labs, a pioneering company that focuses on advanced blockchain solutions and research.

In this interview, Leo Alt shares his deep expertise in formal verification techniques, highlighting their critical role in Ethereum's ongoing evolution. Formal verification is a rigorous process that helps guarantee the correctness of smart contracts, minimizing vulnerabilities and risks in the blockchain ecosystem.

We explore Leo's journey in Ethereum, from his early days in the crypto space to his pivotal role as a thought leade ... 

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