#16: Titan's Takeover: How a MEV Team Controls 26% of All Blocks With Block Building - Ft. Kubi

Scraping Bits by DeGatchi

Episode notes

Discover the intriguing story behind "Titan's Takeover," the unrivaled #1 Block Builder operating on the Ethereum network. Delve into the mechanics of their unprecedented dominance as they construct an astonishing 26% of all blocks within the Ethereum blockchain. Uncover the strategies, technologies, and expertise that have propelled Titan to the forefront of Ethereum's block building landscape, shaping the very foundation of the network's operations.

General Content

  1. Gattaca MEV Searcher
  2. Selling a cybersecurity company
  3. Transitioning into block building on Ethereum
  4. Why block building is an evolution to MEV
  5. The similarities between MEV and block building
  6. The difference between relays, validators, builders and mev searchers
  7. Embedded mev searcher-builders (beaverbuild)
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