#8: Resilient Revival: Bouncing Back from a $2M Hack By Forging Unstoppable Teams - With Bebis And DeGatchi

Scraping Bits by DeGatchi

Episode notes

In this inspiring episode, join DeGatchi in a conversation with Bebis, the visionary behind Reaper Farm and the Byte Masons on Fantom. Explore Bebis' journey, from founding the byte masons to building transformative protocols like Oath, Granary, ehos, and digit. With a passion to empower communities through Web3 & DeFi tools, Bebis seeks to provide financial opportunities for all. As part of the Byte Masons team, Bebis is leading a revolution in the DeFi landscape, driven by their unparalleled talent and years of expertise. Discover how they are shaping the future of finance with innovative DeFi protocols.

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