Scholarly EP027 - SpineX's Neuromodulation for Incontinence with Dr. Parag Gad

SCI Science Perspectives by American Spinal Injury Association

Episode notes

Join us this episode for a conversation with Dr. Parag Gad, co-founder and CEO of SpineX, for a conversation about the Spinal Cord Neuromodulator by SpineX and Scone to Treat Neurogenic Bladder, or the SCONE “CONTINENCE” Clinical trial ( Dr. Gad talks gives a brief history on SpineX, the scientific inspiration for the current neuromodulation trial targeting incontinence, and visions for the company's future commercial targets. This episode on a neuromodulatory device targeting urinary function was recorded in collaboration with our friends at Bladder Buzz, (in our opinion) the podcast on neurogenic bladder that "brings together physicians, researchers, and individuals l ... 

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