Assembly #12: With Orvel Douglas On Keys To Nutrition For Health & Longevity (Fruitarian Diet) and discovering family heritage.

School of Higher Thought by WinWithzac

Episode notes

This week we introduce a special guest, Orvel Douglas. He is a diet and nutrition specialist and a fruitarian. He helps others understand his diet and lifestyle choices which have resulted him in not being ill since six years of age. Thousands of people who follow his social media have tried his diet and seen impressive results, from the alleviation of chronic diseases to bringing theirselves back to a healthy body and mind. This breaches the limitations of everything we are marketed and taught.

You might need to hear this.

Get your notepads and pens ready,

class is in session...


If you are interested in experiencing the fruitarian diet, reach out to Orvel to join his Fruit Feast Challenge starting on 1st July.

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