S01 E08 - Would Open Primaries Increase Voter Turnout?

Save Democracy AZ by Steve Goldstein
Save Democracy Host Steve Goldstein finds out about new research from the Bipartisan Policy Center that looks into ways of increasing voter turnout in primary elections. Michael Thorning of BPC is the guest and the lead on the report "2022 Primary Turnout: Trends and Lessons for Boosting Participation."
Mar 22 2023

It's the Save Democracy podcast. I'm Steve Goldstein.
Voter turnout is a topic that's led to considerable hand-wringing over the decades. What would
get more voters to take part? Is it making them feel like their choice really matters?
Or does there have to be a candidate they find inspiring, or one that's to their sphere,
and the need to vote against that candidate rather than for his or her opponent?
Voter turnout is already relatively low, but it's a crowded bonanza compared to a summer
or fall primary. The Bipartisan Policy Center published a report earlier this month with
the tiny turnout numbers for primaries and explores what actually could bring up those
figures, including opening up primaries and potentially creating a universal national
primary day in the same vein of November's

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