Sarver Living Podcast

by Sylvia Maxwell

Welcome to Sarver Living! I am your host Sylvia Maxwell and I can’t wait to practice community with you by giving you access to our local livers of this amazing town! Here you will get to know those that serve in our community. Local residents and businesses will get to tell their story of their why and how Sarver has changed and shaped their lives. Thank you for listening!

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Hitting the Trail with Chris Zeigler Butler-Freeport Community Trail

    Hitting the Trail with Chris Zeigler Butler-Freeport Community Trail

    There is so much to say about Chris Zeigler’s dedication to our beautiful Butler-Freeport Trail. Chris has managed to improve miles and miles of trail and attain quite a bit of grant funds to pay for these improvements. As the grant writer extraordinaire, she’s also responsible for getting the big wagon wheel project started and soon to be complete. The wagon wheel is an area that connects 5 trails that give us access all the way to Erie and down and through Pittsburgh. She also heads up the infamous Buffalo Creek Half Marathon.

  • Farming Legacy with Farmer Jim Riddle

    Farming Legacy with Farmer Jim Riddle

    Mr. Jim Riddle was given his first calf when he was 4 years old. It’s like the rite of passage in cattle farming and he’s been doing it ever since.He and his wife Helen fostered over 100 boys through the years and shared the love of their home generously to all of them.This beautiful farm is nestled on my favorite road in all of Sarver; Smith Road, set with rolling hills and cattle grazing throughout.As Sarver grows I pay close attention to documenting how it is now so we can remember how it was years from now.I hope you enjoy taking a peek into a true farmers story.

  • Season 1

  • Saved By Grace

    Saved By Grace

    The vision of Saved by Grace Church is to allow momentum that restores family values to our community through humble service.That was really easy to understand and feel when I interviewed these great folks who have now transitioned from a brick and mortar church to updated pop-up style gatherings in the local community.One of the things about their church I think many of you will love to know is that they welcome all people. All denominations, all lifestyles, each and everyone.

  • Bubbly Bar with Nikki Wright

    Bubbly Bar with Nikki Wright

    We have been waiting for this! Freeport/Sarver has something so amazing opening in just a few weeks!Yes it’s true, the all new Bubbly Bar! 🫧🍸Created and designed by Nikki Wright, founder and mixologist extraordinaire!Nikki has built her business Bubbly Bartending reaching way outside of Pittsburgh city limits. From Pittsburgh Zoo functions, to the fanciest of hotel and venue weddings, to intimate parties, they cover it all! 🎉

  • 1833 Coffee & Tea Co. with Virginia & Karen

    1833 Coffee & Tea Co. with Virginia & Karen

    These two ladies are laying the pathway as community connectors in Freeport and Sarver with every sip of coffee we take.Virginia Lindsay and Karen Heilman have provided our community with something we have been thirsty for….coffee & community!1833 makes you feel right at home from the moment you walk in with the warm greetings from staff, quaint details, comfortable furnishings, and the melodies that sound throughout the room. It’s more than coffee, it’s the total experience!