Santo Pilon Nestle Redevelopment

by Santo Pilon Nestle

Santo Pilon Nestle comapny working for infrastructure development since 2009 now do the work for redevelopment work for old society and buildings.

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    New in Construction

    New in Construction What is the new in construction of hi-rise building? Cause this kind of buildings we show from past 100 years and ago, not just we see it in as a bigger building but it is also architectural monument too and some how it become man made wonders on the earth, all of this because of developing advance technology in architecture and structural drawing where engineer able to test the strength and structure ability online also, but all the time that will happen which we see in this video what is cause of safety and security breach or little negligence in design or some outer attacks. We know what happen for this out standing monument it was not just building but it was pride of the nation but some time people earnt from failure, So far same thing we show here and the result we see here we do our work same in Santo Pilon Nestle.