Routes Away

by Jason Ringenberg

Routes Away explores alternative lifestyles Including Digital Nomads, Freelance Photographers and Filmmakers, Long Distance Athletes, Musicians. Van-Lifers, Religious lifestyles, and Action Sports Athletes among many others. We seek to explore what's possible when a dream is set and inspire others to live that dream.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • #12 Kelly "Rogue" Bessem.

    #12 Kelly "Rogue" Bessem.

    Kelly is a Thru-Hiker,, Snowboarder, Skier, Scientist, and all around outdoor adventure powerhouse. In this episode we discuss finding your dream job, developing outdoor skills, overcoming fear and building confidence, and so much more. Follow Kelly on instagram @rogueroamings

  • #11 Jupiter.

    #11 Jupiter.

    Jupiter is a long distance thru hiker with thousands of miles under his belt. He also has a fantastic hiking Youtube Channel by the name of Jupiter Hikes. Check it out for tips, tricks, and trips on all things Thru Hiking. Follow him on Instagram @JupiterHikes. Thanks for listening please review, download and subscribe!

  • #10 Brenna MacMillan

    #10 Brenna MacMillan

    Brenna is an amazing bluegrass musician and chemist out of Nashville, TN. She currently has two records out with her duet Theo & Brenna titled "When You Go" and "Dreams For Sale:". She s currently working on a solo album that is sure to be amazing. Check her out on instagram @BrennaMacmillanofficial @theoandbrenna TikTok @thebanjogal. Check them out on Spotify Theo & Brenna.

  • #9 Jared Wright.

    #9 Jared Wright.

    Jared Wright is a climber, canyoneer, formal bus-lifer and overall incredible explorer residing in Zion National Park. Cindy, who his clearly his boss (hehe!) and him run a very successful outdoor gearshop and guiding outfit in La Verkin near Zion National Park! Check them out at (Cat;s may or may not be hiding in the beanie bin)

  • #8 Rhett Baxter.

    #8 Rhett Baxter.

    Rhett Baxter is an incredible up and coming Americana,/Country musician. His band Radio Ranch is proudly on the top of my personal Spotify Wrapped year after year, He's also responsible for my favorite climbing photos of myself! He's an amazing explorer and one of my favorite folks! His band Radio Ranch is touring the west coast as we speak. Check out Radio Ranch at or on instagram @rhetthenrybaxter @radio.ranch.