S01 E98 - Chief Influence of Justice - Rounding the News

Rounding the Earth by Mathew Crawford and Liam Sturgess
Liam Sturgess covers the week's news, with a particular focus on a recent revelation about a potential conflict of interest surrounding the Chief Justice of British Columbia, Christopher Hinkson.Join our Locals community for show notes, exclusive content and to work alongside us: https://roundingtheearth.locals.com/Subscribe to Rounding t  ...  See more
Mar 17 2023

Happy Friday, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome back to Rounding the News.
Your weekly news roundup presented by me, Liam Sturgis, and of course, Rounding the Earth,
this wonderful fun platform of engaged thinkers and curious investigators of truth.
I just came up with that on the spot and I'm going to trademark that.
All right, so welcome to today's show. This is March 17, 2023, Chief Influence of Justice.
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