The Rookie Realtor Reality

by Amir Hunter & Bailey Weaver Packard

Being a Realtor looks glamorous on Instagram, but this podcast brings you back to reality. The challenges, the wins and everything in between. Even with the challenges, we wouldn't choose another career! Come hear what it's like to be a Realtor and what clients should expect when buying/selling their homes. Follow us on instagram: Bailey - @BaileyWeaverPackardRealtor Amir - @AmirHunter_RealEstate

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Get Your Home In Order (ft. Shania Jackson)

    Get Your Home In Order (ft. Shania Jackson)

    Shania Jackson is behind the scenes of Amir's closing day photos, listing reels & photos. She has pushed his branding and we are excited to have her on the podcast to discuss various things that clients/agents can do to help their listing photos pop in online marketing. Follow Shania @clearviewrealestatemedia or @sjacksonphotography_ on instagram.

  • Wooh It's Been a While!

    Wooh It's Been a While!

    It's been a while since we recorded but so happy to be back with you guys. We'll dive into what's been happening with your business and personal life. As well as how we are thriving with the change in the current market.

  • Hold On, It's Coming! (Ft. Marie Logue)

    Hold On, It's Coming! (Ft. Marie Logue)

    On this episode Marie Logue comes on and spills the bean on her success as a new agent. Marie has exploded onto the scene in 2023 in just a few month, she got her first transaction done and has a ton of clients under contract. Marie discusses her transition from being a teacher to real estate and the things she has learned along the way. Follow Marie on Instagram @marieloguerealestate Also, please disregard - we lost track of the episodes while recording and this is actually episode 7 (not 5)

  • Getting Your Real Estate License (Ft. Rae James)

    Getting Your Real Estate License (Ft. Rae James)

    Rae reached out via instagram so we brought her on the podcast to discuss the process of her getting her real estate license. As she is actively in the course, she explains how the course has been going and we provide insight on her experience as well. Follow Rae on instagram @raerjames

  • New Year New Goals

    New Year New Goals

    The New Year has begun and have you set your goals for this year! We discuss our goals and what we learned from 2022 that will help us propel for the new year. If you are looking to connect, to talk about your goals or if you are looking for real estate reach out on IG as well.