Rolling Deep | Game Night Filmed

by Wes Thompson

Your direct link to a group of friends who love hanging out and rolling dice. We make mistakes, question each others motives, and have to deal with cat-based technical difficulties, and wouldn't have it any other way! Join Jean Hemmingwaist, Getsomani Tealeaf, Bruenor the Dwarf, and Ludicious Fingertot on a sandbox adventure filmed (nearly) every Sunday.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Why were his pants wet? | Poseidon's Ribcage Online

    Why were his pants wet? | Poseidon's Ribcage Online

    Last season ended with some screams and flying through the air at the hand of a friendly frost giant! Join us here to find out where we will land in season two. #rollingdeep #poseidonsribcage #dnd #dnd5e #tabletopgames #tabletoprpg #dndhomebrew #gamenight #rollingdeepdnd Intro/Outro music - Thumbnail background - AdobeSpark Lighthouse image from a water point of view - Nathan Wong Photography Seagrass image - Creative Commons Zero - CC0 Tavern image - Shutterstock