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by Dr Rodrigo Rodriguez-Fernandez

"The Dr Rodcast" with Dr Rodrigo (Rod) Rodriguez-Fernandez is a podcast that connects and unites people from all walks of life to discuss Health and Wellbeing through thought provoking conversations and real life stories. With guest that range from Global Medical Directors of fortune 100 companies to world renown experts. The Dr Rodcast is the answer to the questions “What do doctors talk about at dinner parties? Navigating  ... 

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  • Season 3

  • Vindicated


    Ever wondered who's behind some of the biggest shifts in global health? From executive Director of the World Health Organisation to leading roles at Yale University and PepsiCo Dr Derek Yach has never shied away from challenging the status quo. With roles like Chief Health Officer at Vitality and President of the Smoke-Free World, Derek offers rare insights into the interplay between corporate influence and global health strategies. Episode Highlights: Breaking Barriers: Hear about the wild story from Derek's time at WHO that reshaped global tobacco control and how he then set his sights on the food industry—challenging giants in the pursuit of public health. From Controversy to Clarity: Dive into Derek's controversial move to the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World and discover his perspective on navigating the tricky waters of public and private sector interests. A Look Ahead: Derek shares his insights on future health trends and the innovative technologies that could revolutionize how we address chronic diseases and public health.

  • Menopause in the Workplace

    Menopause in the Workplace

    Joined by the brilliant Professor Jo Brewis, we unravel the tangled web of challenges surrounding menopause in the workplace. Evidence suggests that organizations embracing menopause-friendly policies witness a surge in employee morale and productivity. Studies indicate that 50% of employers in the UK have already implemented supportive measures. Yet, there's still much work to be done. The financial and operational implications of neglecting menopause in the workplace are profound. Research reveals that 40% of employees report negative impacts on work due to menopausal symptoms, with 12% taking time off as a result. In the US, untreated hot flushes result in 57% more indirect work productivity loss days, leading to significant financial repercussions. Moreover, the estimated costs of work impairment related to vasomotor symptoms (VMS) can range from US$1100 to US$6500 per woman, depending on symptom severity. As women aged 45-55 represent a growing portion of the global workforce, employers must address the challenges and opportunities presented by menopausal transition. For More facts and figure tune into the podcast below! #MenopauseAwareness #WorkplaceHealth #Podcast #Mentalhealth #Leadership #Empowerment

  • Engineering Hope: Paralysis to Powerhouse

    Engineering Hope: Paralysis to Powerhouse

    Imagine being paralyzed from the waist down at just 5 years old, due to a misdiagnosed case of cerebral meningitis. Imagine facing the tragic loss of a mother to schizophrenia and enduring the wrongful incarceration of a father. Now, picture overcoming these unimaginable adversities to become an engineer. 🔥 In our latest podcast episode, we dive deep into the awe-inspiring story of [Guest Name]. His tale is not just about survival; it's about conquering seemingly insurmountable obstacles with grit and ingenuity. 👨‍🎓 From writing exams with hands bloodied from crawling 5km across campus and up university stairs, to innovatively hacking dorm room light switches to create a Bluetooth device for accessibility - his journey redefines resilience and determination. 🧠 This episode is more than a story; it's a testament to the incredible power of the human spirit and the ability to innovate against all odds. Follow Jitesh on IG : @j.k_zaruri_tou_nahi Follow Jitesh on YouTube : Email Jitesh:

  • Tech MD: Dr. Taymans' AI-scapades in Healthcare


    Tech MD: Dr. Taymans' AI-scapades in Healthcare


    "A Renaissance Man in the Digital Age" - That's how we describe our latest podcast guest, Dr. Laurent Taymans, a former emergency medicine expert turned tech visionary. His story is not just a career shift - it's a revolution! 💥 Highlights: From Stethoscopes to Silicon: Dr. Taymans' electrifying transition from saving lives in Brussels to pioneering in AI. AI: A Healthcare Game-Changer: Discover how AI is not just assisting but transforming patient care and shaking up the entire healthcare system. The Dark Side of AI: Dive into the ethical whirlpool of AI in healthcare. Can we trust AI with our lives? What are the risks? Dr. Taymans doesn't hold back! Personal Triumphs with AI: Hear Dr. Taymans' own tale of how AI became his ally in overcoming post-rehab challenges - a story of resilience and tech! AI for Beginners: Want to ride the AI wave? Dr. Taymans shares his top resources and tips - but warns of the pitfalls too! 🚀 Controversial, Enlightening, Unmissable: This episode isn't just about technology; it's about challenging norms, pushing boundaries, and asking tough questions. "AI is reshaping our world, but at what cost?" ponders Dr. Taymans. 🤔 Provoking Thought and Action: This is more than a podcast - it's a wake-up call for every healthcare professional. The future is here, and it's AI-driven. Are we ready? 🔗 Tune in to hear why this episode is stirring up the healthcare community! [Podcast Link] 👉 Stay connected for more eye-opening content on how tech is revolutionizing healthcare. #HealthTechRevolution #AIControversies #FutureofHealthcare

  • Season 2

  • Cereal Box Toys for Adults

    Cereal Box Toys for Adults

    Mental health shouldn't be shut behind doors," says Dr. Rachel Lewis, and we're ripping those doors off their hinges in our latest episode! Join us as Dr. Lewis, from the esteemed Bikrbeck, University of London and Affinity Health, takes us on a rollercoaster ride through her life’s work. From family mental health battles to smashing workplace wellness paradigms. 🧠 Diving into Tough Questions: Can managers really be trained to handle mental health, or are 20% beyond help? Is the flexibility trend a silent productivity killer or the future of work? 🔥 Hot Takes: ✔️ Unlimited holidays: A utopia or uncharted chaos? ✔️ Radical autonomy in work schedules: The death of 9-5 or a rebirth of productivity? Dr. Lewis doesn’t just talk the talk; she walks it. Affinity Health is a living lab, experimenting with practices like: Holiday policies that trust you’ll know when to log off (Do you?) Supporting professional growth that makes you too good to stay, yet too happy to leave. Click that play button – your approach to work-life balance will never be the same.