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by Dr Rodrigo Rodriguez-Fernandez

"The Dr Rodcast" with Dr Rodrigo (Rod) Rodriguez-Fernandez is a podcast that connects and unites people from all walks of life to discuss Health and Wellbeing through thought provoking conversations and real life stories. With guest that range from Global Medical Directors of fortune 100 companies to world renown experts. The Dr Rodcast is the answer to the questions “What do doctors talk about at dinner parties? Navigating  ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Bananas are Radioactive

    Bananas are Radioactive

    🎙️ For my latest episode of The Dr Rodcast I had the privilege of diving deep into a conversation with the ever-insightful Dr. Bob! From the intriguing analogies between radiation doses and bananas 🍌 to the therapeutic power of hobbies, our chat was a testament to the importance of finding joy and relaxation amidst the chaos.In these challenging times, where global events can weigh heavily on our minds, it's essential to remember the value of mental well-being. As Bob beautifully put it, "Pick something fun. We all need downtime." Whether it's immersing yourself in music 🎵, woodworking 🪓, or simply enjoying a classic movie 🎥, find that escape that brings you peace.In light of #MentalHealthWeek, let's all take a moment to reflect on the activities that ground us and make a conscious effort to prioritize our mental health. Remember, it's not about being perfect; it's about finding joy in the journey.#MentalHealthMatters #LifeLessons #ConversationsThatMatter

  • The YMCA-We are in the People Potential Business


    The YMCA-We are in the People Potential Business


    Dave, CEO of the YMCA's, story is an incredible testament to resilience and personal growth, starting from a troubled childhood and a career onset as a dustman to the leadership of a globally impactful organization.Dave revealed that the YMCA is not just a sports center but a 'people potential' business. Their impressive range of social initiatives include providing social housing, operating daycares, nurturing whole person health through sports, running youth centers and education facilities, particularly for those who find traditional learning challenging. It's a mission born out of a desire to support the potential within every individual, particularly those who have experienced hardships.What struck me the most was how the YMCA takes a localized approach globally, adapting to the specific needs of communities it serves. Be it tailoring projects for young women in Sierra Leone or intervening against child trafficking in Columbia, they always ensure their work addresses the pressing issues in each locality.But beyond this, the key ethos of YMCA really hit home for me - the notion of bestowing humanity, fostering relationships, and enabling individuals to tell their stories. Drawing a compelling parallel, Dave explained how during WWI, the YMCA provided a service for soldiers to send letters home, reinstating their identity, placing them in relationships, and giving them the platform to narrate their experiences. This underpins the YMCA's mission globally - acknowledging the intrinsic value of each person, fostering supportive relationships, and facilitating the sharing of their stories.In the world where so much communication is transactional, the simple but profound impact of recognizing individuals, nurturing relationships, and letting people share their narratives is deeply moving. This is the heart of the YMCA's work, and people like Dave Ball truly embody this spirit. #YMCA #SocialImpact #Leadership #Resilience

  • Fishing for better mental health


    Fishing for better mental health


    Reel Minds isn't just a group, it's a LIFELINE. They're using the serene and captivating world of fishing to combat loneliness, improve mental wellbeing, and build a supportive community. This episode dives into the heart of this unique approach to mental health. We explore the power of shoulder-to-shoulder conversations, the magic of fishing, and how Reel Minds is changing lives one cast at a time. Reeling in Mental Resilience

  • The Future of Medicine

    The Future of Medicine

    Are you still counting calories and tracking steps thinking they're the panacea to your wellness woes? Dive into our discussion as we shatter these myths and explore the realm of preventable chronic diseases. Dr. Hajat's groundbreaking work in personalized medicine will have you rethinking your entire approach.💊 Curious about Ozempic, the new miracle drug causing a stir in Hollywood? We've got an exclusive deep-dive on its potential, direct from one of the leading minds in the field.🧬 We navigate the maze of microbiomes, take a deep dive into the science of epigenetics, and unlock the potentials of fecal transplants - yes, you read that right. These once alien concepts are revealed as potential keys to health optimization.🍎 Our relationship with food is more than just what's on our plate. Dr. Hajat brings fresh perspectives on how we interact with our meals, inviting us to a holistic understanding that's mind-bending, to say the least.

  • What is the difference between a migrant and an expat?

    What is the difference between a migrant and an expat?

    What is the difference between a migrant and an expat? Ever thought about the health challenges faced by migrants? 🤔Well, we're lifting the lid on this often-overlooked issue. We look at REAL stories, INSIDER perspectives with the brilliant Dr Karl Puchner.Migrant health is a global concern, impacting millions. This episode will challenge your thinking, open your eyes, and stir your heart. Don't miss out on a conversation that MATTERS! Tune in now for a journey into an unseen world that's closer to home than you think!