Dr. Monisha Bajaj and Dr. Maria Hantzopoulos || Authors of "Educating for Peace and Human Rights: An Introduction"

Rise for Racial Justice: The Podcast by Rise

Episode notes

The longtime colleagues and friends share what led them into teaching peace education and human rights education and what the differences and intersections are between the disciplines. They also talk about their empowering work with secondary and college students. And, of course, they let you know what's lighting them up or soothing their souls!

Educating for Peace and Human Rights: https://bit.ly/3BlxezD

Dr. Hantzopoulos’ latest article: Reframing School Culture Through Project-Based Assessment Tasks: Cultivating Transformative Agency and Humanizing Practices in NYC Public Schools https://bit.ly/3FCmnoM

Dr. Bajaj’s latest article: Decolonial Approaches to School Curriculum for Black, Indigenous and other Stu ... 

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