Riptide Podcast - Lukes Lounge

by Riptide Media

Luke’s Lounge, built and sustained by Riptide Media, aims to sit down and talks all things bodyboarding.

With everyone from famous industry heavy-hitters, the Pro's you know and the average crew who's making a local boog flick with their mates.

Hosted by Cronulla's Luke O'Connor, This is Lukes Lounge, ladies and gentlemen.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 11

  • Riptide Podcast - Lukes Lounge - Ep67 - Adam Kesbah

    Riptide Podcast - Lukes Lounge - Ep67 - Adam Kesbah

    Underground and over achieving, Adam Kesbah is the Boog you may not know currently but certainly will soon enough. From 10ft Victorian pits to crashing cars into picketed Sydney fences, he’s already lived a colourful life at the young age of 26 and there is so much left in the locker room for this curly haired cat to exude in his own future endeavours. Sitting down for episode 67, Luke and Adam go deep on a range of topics, covering the pursuit of booging whilst on a shoe string budget, taping up blown out knee’s on cone honing missions on the bottom of Australia and how it was making his pilgrimage from West to East as an inspiring grommet via public transport. All in all a wild chat that was a real journey with a real life journeymen. Peace n love ☮️

  • Season 1

  • Riptide Podcast - Lukes Lounge - Ep76 - Dougy Smith

    Riptide Podcast - Lukes Lounge - Ep76 - Dougy Smith

    Riptides very own writer, and one of Port Mac’s golden child’s, Dougy Smith parks his corpse up on the lounge to discuss the happenings and goings of life as a fully fledged boog tragic. With memories of Tahitian freight trains being wrangled, navigating Port Mac’s boog politics and raising kids with minimal screen time, my conversation with Doug was broad and enthralling as I discovered what really makes this man tick. If you haven’t checked out his recent articles on the Riptide website then you best be putting that on the weeks to do list. The man is a fantastically well read and written published author who lays down serious heat when he picks up the quill. 🪶 Enjoy core queens and lords. 🙏

  • Riptide Podcast - Comp Talk - With Luke & Coops - Ep 75

    Riptide Podcast - Comp Talk - With Luke & Coops - Ep 75

    Luke n Coops sink their teeth into bodyboarding competition on a whole as they pass down their opinions on how the local, national and international competition scene has been trending of late. From the IBC tour kicking off their South American Leg in Iquique, to the myriad of local comps here in Australia, plus the up and coming waiting period for the time honoured S.I.C, the fellas cover a wide range of competitive bodyboarding. Enjoy the the update 👌

  • Riptide Podcast - Lukes Lounge - Ep74 - Jack Dobo

    Riptide Podcast - Lukes Lounge - Ep74 - Jack Dobo

    Coal Coast core lord and self professed boog tragic, Jack Dobinson, jumps back on the lounge to chat about his up and coming new feature film - True Boog. Like a candle burning bright through that bleak November rain, Dobbo has continuously shown unbridled enthusiasm towards bodyboarding and the chase for new and undisclosed waves all up and down the east coast. His new film, True Boog, will be premiering at Port Kembla Servo on Friday the 31st of May, 2024. Go to his insta handle to purchase tickets and let’s rip the top off a few coldies in celebration towards another visual masterpiece. The man can’t be stopped, hope you enjoy our chat 🥩

  • Riptide Podcast - Lukes Lounge - Ep73 - Amaury Lavernhe

    Riptide Podcast - Lukes Lounge - Ep73 - Amaury Lavernhe

    French born World Champion, and Canary Islands resident, Amaury Lavernhe sits down on the Riptide lounge and spills the beans on what has kept him at the top of the world rankings well into his forties. With a locally sourced diet that would satisfy the most strict dietician, whilst regularly engaging in daily stretching routines that even has the great Lewy Finnegan raising eyebrows, it’s no wonder Amaury is still hitting 10ft Fronton ramps and collating online social media content that has the entire boog world screaming for more. Touching on world tour schedules, judging criteria’s, coaching clinics and alternative medicine products, this podcast reflects on much of Amaury’s current life history and opinions moving into the competitive year ahead. Hope you enjoy it 🤞