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  • Anxiety & God's Plan for You (Pastor Aaron Trelfa, 11/12/22)

    Anxiety & God's Plan for You (Pastor Aaron Trelfa, 11/12/22)

    "Be anxious for nothing," we're told in Philippians 4. Is it possible this passage from Philippians is a reminder in times of a common struggle, rather than a rebuke for faithlessness? Faithful Christians are no more immune to men...

  • Margins (Elder Cindi Morrison, 11/05/22)

    Margins (Elder Cindi Morrison, 11/05/22)

    In 3 of the gospel accounts, we hear Jesus is accused by the pharisees and teachers of the law that he associates with the tax collectors and the sinners. Elder Cindi Morrison digs into that, embracing the accusation (and Christ'...

  • Silence (Elder Keelan Tuel, 10/29/22)

    Silence (Elder Keelan Tuel, 10/29/22)

    Did you know that doctors, on average, let patients talk for about 15 seconds before they interject with their own line of questions? Perhaps it's easy to throw stones and say they should be willing to spend more time listening. ...

  • Trade In Your Yoke (Pastor Aaron Trelfa, 10/22/22)

    Trade In Your Yoke (Pastor Aaron Trelfa, 10/22/22)

    "Army of One," rang a short-lived Army recruiting slogan. Though it was a flop of a slogan, it decently captured the modern American value of hyper-individualism. What harm do we do ourselves when we try to go it alone, though? ...

  • Elijah (Elder Joe Story, 10/15/22)

    Elijah (Elder Joe Story, 10/15/22)

    Sermon by Elder Joe Story, recorded on October 15, 2022, at the Ringgold Seventh-day Adventist Church.