Retirement Readiness, Episode 20: The Roadmap of Financial Disaster

Retirement Readiness Podcast by Tim Regan

Episode notes
[Key Timestamps and Topics]
  • [1:06] How people often approach spending their retirement funds
  • [4:30] The effects of taxes on retirement spending and saving
  • [5:45] The drag of Medicare costs
  • [10:16] Helping your kids launch their lives can be expensive and affect your retirement money
  • [12:41] How to prepare for healthcare costs
  • [15:43] Conservative investments won’t work after you’ve reached retirement
  • [17:40] How much should you spend in retirement
[3 Key Takeaways]
  1. What are some common mistakes people make in retirement planning that leads to disaster?
  2. There are two common approaches to spending retirement money: the overly frugal and the spender.
  3. Conservative investments likely won’t work after you’ve hit retirement age – becaus ... 
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