Retirement Readiness, Episode 18: 7 Clever Ways to Save an Extra $100 Every Month

Retirement Readiness Podcast by Tim Regan

Episode notes

An extra $100 a month could go a long way in helping you reach your financial goals – but how easy is it to get that extra dough?

This week’s episode tackles money-saving tips you can use to start saving more each month. Everyone likes to save money – but that’s often easier said than done.

A big part of the savings process is intentionality in your spending. After all, it’s easy to grab those little goodies each time you’re shopping at Target, but how do those small purchases add up over time?

This week, Founder Tim Regan and Head of Marketing Katie Umland round up seven clever ways you can stash some extra cash each month.

While some of these tips are as simple as downloading an app, others require an intentional lifestyle shift toward a “saving” rather than “spending” mindset.

For example, you ca ... 

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