Respectfully UnrulyExplicit

by Abdiel Bermudez

Two nonexperts giving their expert opinions about sports and culture, with an aggressive flare.

Podcast episodes

  • Virtuoso Performance


    Virtuoso Performance


    Suns move past Clippers recap Hawks vs Buck game 5 predictions Injury-riddled playoffs Scottie calls Phil a racist Chauncey Billups Trailblazer controversy Olympic Teams NCAA student-athletes being able to make money off of their likeness. Deshaun Watson update

  • No vet minimums


    No vet minimums


    Hawks beat Philly in 7 games Final thoughts on Nets vs Bucks Suns vs Clippers? Should individual awards be dealt with after playoffs? Lebron vs NBA Finals predictions

  • Playoff Roulette

    Playoff Roulette

    Nets 2 - 2 against the Bucks, can KD Carry the Nets in game 5? Do Injuries invalidate the 2021 NBA Championship? Big Baby being a COON Suns Sweep Nuggets? Utah vs LA GM Of the Year candidates Luka potentially wants out of Dallas

  • Bucks




    Nets 2 - 0 against Bucks KD/Jay William controversy Pressure on the Clips tonight? MVP for Joker/ COTY Thibbs Lakers/ Heat bubble flukes? Pressure on the Clips tonight?

  • Bright Lights


    Bright Lights


    Knicks fall to 1-3 against Atlanta Can anyone stop the Nets Milwaukee Buck - is their year? Clippers are back? The most impressive team so far in the Playoffs