Reimagined Energy Podcast

by Maria McGowan

A weekly renewable energy video podcast featuring interviews with influential experts, academia, businesses and organizations leading the way in sustainable business and clean technology. Hosted by Maria McGowan, topics cover a wide range of renewable energy-related projects in a conversational, informative way. Each episode is less than 30 minutes in length.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Taking HalifACTion against Climate Change

    Taking HalifACTion against Climate Change

    Welcome to the very first episode of our podcast! In this exciting kickoff, Maria has the pleasure of speaking with Shannon Miedema, a highly experienced director at the Halifax Regional Municipality. Shannon dives into her work with HalifACT, an active organization committed to reducing the effects of climate change in Halifax. She shares fascinating insights on the innovative strategies being implemented to sustainably shape the city's future. She also delves into the challenges and opportunities that arise when working towards a more environmentally conscious tomorrow. Join us for an illuminating discussion on the critical role of HalifACT in shaping not only the future of Halifax, but the planet as a whole. - Website: Subscribe to weekly email when new episode is launched: Email: