Making Your Third Chapter Your Best Chapter - Make Your Next Play Your Best Play by Christine Zmuda and Muge Wood

Episode notes
While many professionals might consider winding down their careers, Claire Markwardt is winding up. This is not however, without looking at life and work from a different lens than perhaps her first and second chapter of life. Claire was a successful partner at Accenture for 20 years (first chapter) and then ran her own professional services firm for another 12 years. This was also while raising her daughter and being in a successful and long-term marriage. In her third chapter, she is currently at Q5 as the Managing Partner of North America business. Learn about:
  • How work life balance comes into play in your third chapter.
  • How check ins with yourself can help you determine if you are on the right path professionally.
  • What life is like when you are still fired up to work full time and your partner/spouse recently retires ... 
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