Recorded Time

by Julius Killerby

Welcome to Recorded Time. Hosted by Melbourne based artist, Julius Killerby, the podcast includes conversations about Art, History, Politics, Science and more.  
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  • E22 - #22 - Tom Adair & Richard Blackwell

    E22 - #22 - Tom Adair & Richard Blackwell

    The guests on today’s episode are Tom Adair and Richard Blackwell. Tom is an artist based in Melbourne and is represented by Nanda Hobbs Gallery in Sydney. Richard is an artist based in Canberra and is represented by Flinders Lane...

    Jul 05 2021
    Jul 05 2021
  • E21 - #21 - William Feaver

    E21 - #21 - William Feaver

    William Feaver is an art critic, curator, lecturer and an artist himself. From 1975 to 1998 he was the chief art critic for The Observer. In 2019 he published the first volume of a two part biography on Lucian Freud, titled The Li...

    Jul 01 2021
    Jul 01 2021
  • E20 - #20 - Yaron Brook

    E20 - #20 - Yaron Brook

    Yaron Brook is an entrepreneur, a writer and an activist. He is also a proponent of Objectivism, a philosophy developed by the 20th century writer, Ayn Rand. Yaron is also the Chairman of the Ayn Rand Institute, where he was the E...

    Jun 09 2021
    Jun 09 2021
  • E19 - #19 - Steven Quay

    E19 - #19 - Steven Quay

    Dr Steven Quay is a scientist, an author, an entrepreneur and the CEO of the Seattle based company Atossa Therapeutics. This is Steven's second time on the podcast. On this episode Julius and Steven again discuss the Lab Leak Hypo...

    May 26 2021
    May 26 2021
  • E18 - #18 - Christopher Marshall

    E18 - #18 - Christopher Marshall

    Christopher Marshall is Associate Professor in Art History and Museum Studies at the School of Culture and Communication at the University of Melbourne. Amongst a variety of research distinctions, Christopher was the recipient of ...

    May 17 2021
    May 17 2021