Bildung Beyond Borders – How Through Bildung We Build a Better Future

Reboot2030 by Nico Andreas Heller

Episode notes

Lene Rachel Andersen (Denmark) in conversation with Nico Andreas Heller.

Lene Rachel Andersen is the author of Bildung: Keep Growing (2020), among many other books, and founder of the Global Bildung Network (GBN), a network that brings together people from around the globe to address our deep longing for meaning, purpose, connectedness, cultural identity, sense of community, and empowerment and agency.

GBN’s work is based on the believe that education in every sense of the word is key, but just transferring huge amounts of knowledge is not enough. There is also an emotional and a moral connection to values, culture, self and others that is crucial to our well-being and our ability to cope with whatever challenges life confronts us with.

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