OSHO : Rebellious Spirit


The Rebellious Spirit podcast is built on the Osho notion of the rebel and rebellion, about the individuals who chose not to live like robots conditioned by the past - who walked the path according to their own light and risked everything for their individual freedom. These contemporary stories are fueled by the science of the inner - meditation. 

Podcast episodes

  • E06 - Katie Turner

    E06 - Katie Turner

    Want to experience Freedom & Happiness?Listen to this beautiful podcast with Katie Turner where she finds a way of living at OSHO.She takes us through her journey of celebration, awareness, liberation and understanding of relation...

  • E05 - Bodhitaru

    E05 - Bodhitaru

    Bodhitaru, Australia How the art of Listening can transform lives?Here, you will get a closer look at the world of OSHO Translation projects in English. Bodhitaru, speaks about her journey from ‘teaching English’ in Japan to ‘Osh...

  • E04 - Divyam

    E04 - Divyam

    Losing your inner self to compete in the outside world?In this episode, Divyam describes his journey with Osho, and how the OSHO Active Meditations had a profound impact in his life. He talks about how OSHO Meditative therapies tr...

  • E03 - Charna

    E03 - Charna

    In this episode you will get a closer look at the world of OSHO publications in Spanish language.OSHO has become a publishing phenomenon worldwide and a best-selling author in spirituality and self-development categories.Charna – ...

  • E02 - Erica

    E02 - Erica

    Meet Erica, a New Yorker and a professional in the entertainment industry. She says, on the surface 'she's living a perfect life', driven, trying to make something of her life, the 'what's next' life until she finds herself at the...