Really Short StoriesExplicit

by Tommy J Housman

Really Short Stories is about taking the obscure out of context musings of an overthoughtful mind and try to make sense of the absolute absurdity that is the human experience. Perhaps you will find meaning and enlightenment or be mildly amused, nonetheless you will gain some sense of something or the other be it good or bad you’ll have thanked me for the momentary distraction.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • The Right to Peaceably Assemble

    The Right to Peaceably Assemble

    The Right to Peaceably Assemble a Special Edition episode

  • Cassandra Part 1

    Cassandra Part 1

    The Westbrook neighborhood is the largest neighborhood in the mountain valley. The valley’s population has been growing exponentially since insurance companies in the west and in the south started to refuse to insure homes in disaster prone areas. It has caused a mass migration of suburbanites to live in and around the valley where the change in climate has been more temperate over the past decade. It does not get too cold, not too hot, and it rains just the right amount. On the other side of the mountain is another story. It is always too hot and too dry and the land for as far as you can see is desolate. This is where they keep attempting to relocate the Mountain Lions and this why they keep returning. There is no food, there is no water, there’s… nothing.

  • The Bear

    The Bear

    One fateful night, Bill caught the bear in the act of raiding their trash cans. Startled, he reacted instinctively, shouting, and banging on the walls to scare the bear away. However, to his astonishment, the bear remained composed, simply observing Bill until the commotion ceased. Then, much to the Bill’s surprise, the bear spoke. Correction in outro... this is episode 7

  • Trumbo & Elara

    Trumbo & Elara

    Undaunted by the pervasive skepticism, Elara embarked upon a quest to showcase her authentic character and leadership acumen. She traversed the hamlets, engaging with the populace, disseminating her vision for a cohesive and prosperous Harmonia. Elara proffered pragmatic solutions, exhibited empathy toward the masses, and provided a beacon of hope in stark contradistinction to Trumbo's divisive rhetoric.



    Nestled within an exclusive enclave adorned with opulent residences, twenty families reveled in the lap of luxury. Beyond the conventional emblems of wealth, their abodes stood apart not merely due to material opulence but owing to an enduring conflict: the feline faction versus the canine coalition. Ten households proudly accommodated feline companions, while the remaining ten boasted loyal canine associates. This schism ran deep—cat-affiliated households reviled canines, and those aligned with dogs held a disdain for felines.