Maximising PPA Income and Profits

Accountancy on Prescription by RBP Chartered Accountants

Episode notes
RBP have seen this year a trend in GP practices making a loss that should not be happening on their personally administered drugs (PPA claims). So, in this week’s episode, Jenny talks to Richard and Tracy, from Ash Lane Consultancy, about the solution to this issue. They discuss why it is fundamental for a good process to be put in place at the practice that will ensure a profit is being made in respect of PPA claims. Also, tips for the upcoming flu season and how to ensure you are not losing money on the cost of the drugs you are purchasing. If you want to learn more about how you can maximise your PPA income and profits, Richard is going to be hosting a live webinar on this topic on Tuesday 3rd October at 12:30. Please see below the link to register for this for free: ...   ...  Read more
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