Guest: Todd Gardner, College Professor & Aquaculture Specialist for Biota Inc.

Rappin' With ReefBum by Keith Berkelhamer

Episode notes

Rappin' With ReefBum is a LIVE talk show with host Keith Berkelhamer and guests from the reef keeping community. In this episode I chat with Todd Gardner.

Todd is a professor of Aquaculture at Carteret Community College in Morehead City, NC, and an Aquaculture Specialist for Biota Inc. which specializes in sustainably cultured marine fishes and invertebrates for aquariums. His life and his career have been shaped by his passion for marine life and he has written numerous scientific and popular articles about his research and experiences collecting, keeping, and culturing marine organisms.

Todd’s professional background includes work on a National Geographic documentary, commercial fish farming at C-quest Hatchery in Puerto Rico, and an 11-year term at the Long Island Aquarium where he spent much of his time developing techniques for  ... 

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