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Enterprise Level Technical SEO Audit Software ft Serge Bezborodov

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Episode notes

In episode 119, Serge Bezborodov of JetOctopus joins the show for an enlightening conversation about technical SEO at the enterprise level.

Serge shares thoughts on the uniqueness of technical SEO and discusses the critical data types that hold significance in the space. We discuss key features to pay attention to in your technical SEO software and best practices for effectively crawling large websites.

Serge also dishes out some strategies to identify and address JavaScript SEO issues and improve your communication with developers.

(0:00) Intro

(3:15) What is Unique about Technical SEO?

(4:40) What Type of Data Matters for Technical SEO?

(8:30) Key Features to Look For in Your Technical SEO Software

(12:12) Best Practices for Crawling Large Sites

(16:13) Identifying Javascript SEO Issues

(20: ... 

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