The Malevolent Legacy of Mitch McConnell: A Scathing Critique

Judgy Judgerston & Guests opine on topical Social, Legal, and Political Issues by Judgy Judgerston

Episode notes

Delve into a scathing critique of Mitch McConnell's political career, as dissected from Marc Thiessen's misguided column in The Washington Post. Unveil the reprehensible tactics, abuse of power, and moral bankruptcy that defined McConnell's tenure, as illuminated by outraged commentators.

Featuring cameo appearances by Stephen Colbert, Matthew McConaughey, The Duke of Sussex, Jordan Peterson, Jack Reacher, Michael Cohen, Norm MacDonald, and other voice impersonators.

Mitch McConnell, Marc Thiessen, Washington Post, political corruption, abuse of power, Republican hypocrisy, democracy, treachery, legacy, critique