Rabbit Season Podcast

by B. Rabbit

The Rabbit Season Podcast with Rabbit, Produced and Co Hosted by Shaye Whitey. Weekly dope, in depth conversations with a variety of guests, current events, sports, comedy and more!

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Episode 23: EG

    Episode 23: EG

    A conversation about business, ethics, music, food and pop culture with EG aka EG The Playmaker, the CEO of Hustle Division. He talks about his inspiration to start his business, his work ethic, habits and learning opportunities plus how he balances work, family, food, travel, leisure and exercise plus the Rabbit Fire round. Hosted by Rabbit Produced/Co-Hosted by Shaye Whitey

  • Episode 22: Crystle Lightning

    Episode 22: Crystle Lightning

    Award winning actress and musician Crystle Lightning talks about how her career and family goals began to manifest simultaneously, her music career and new stage show, her earlier movie credits and what roles she has coming up, winning awards for her work, working with her family and much more! Hosted by Rabbit Produced/Co-hosted by Shaye Whitey

  • Episode 21: 60 East

    Episode 21: 60 East

    A sit down with IE vet 60 East to talk about his music career and the past, present and future of his creation, The Happiness of Pursuit Festival aka #THOPFEST as well as some of the ups and downs of throwing it and as usual we talk culture, entertainment and the Rabbit Fire Round. Hosted by Rabbit Co-Hosted/Produced by Shaye Whitey

  • Episode 20: Kokane & Cold 187Um

    Episode 20: Kokane & Cold 187Um

    A conversation with the Architects of G Funk themselves, cousins Kokane and Cold 187Um aka Big Hutch. They talk about the new full project A.O.G.F. plus we get into their legendary musical family history, the past present and future of Above The Law, some of their memories over the years, bridging the age gap in hip hop and plenty more. Hosted by Rabbit Produced and co-hosted by Shaye Whitey

  • Episode 19: Hazerd

    Episode 19: Hazerd

    Hazerd to the Mic sits down with Rabbit & Shaye to talk about various points in his career including how he was inspired when he was doing his bid, his early career, how he met some of his closest friends and collaboraters, the infamous 40 Oz Friday series, going viral on TikTok, some Vegas stories, what he's working on and much more including the Rabbit Fire Round. Hosted by Rabbit Produced/Co Hosted by Shaye Whitey