Series 1 Advancing Accurate Representation in Research Episode 4

Questions You Didn't Ask by Niasha Fray

Episode notes
In the fourth episode of our series on Advancing Accurate Representation in Research, we discuss the barriers to healthcare and how they influence limited diversity in research participation. Our guests challenge our listeners to think about what are we NOT doing for the people who are already in our care systems. We are also discussing how we can make it easier for people to access healthcare and leverage technology to reach more diverse patient populations. Other topics discussed include how regulators utilize real-world data to perform safety surveillance. Join us this week as we deepen our conversation with Carla Rodriguez-Watson, Ph.D., MPH, Director of Research at the Reagan-Udall Foundation for the FDA, and our special guests, Nadine J. Barrett, PhD, MA, MS and Alecia Clary, PhD, MSW.
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