Suspenseful Space Story

Questionable Sanity Podcast by Questionable Sanity Podcast

Episode notes

Hold your breath (but don't actually) as we bring you into the outer cosmos on a questionably sane adventure into SPACE!! An unqualified space captain must escape certain doom from his powerless ship, but finds himself lightyears away from Earth... With the help of new friends and ancient foes, is it possible for everyone to make it out alive?? Highly doubtful but give it a listen and hear for yourself!


Kiggler - The Battle Of Hangmand's Hill [0:23.66-2:17.28]

Strobotone - The Cave [2:21.15-5:51.5]

Lobo Loco - Free Jazz Thriller (F 018) [6:05.44-8:57.59]

Gregor Quendel - Cinematic Piano Trailer [9:04.31-9:25.42, 9:27.67-9:38.2, 10:28.07-10:44.96]