Busting 6-Figure Myths, with Jacinthe Koddo of Koddo & Co

small business | BIG Impact by Jalen Séguin

Episode notes
Jacinthe is the founder of Koddo & Co., a business financial literacy and fractional CFO service provider. She’s also a serial business owner, was trained as an interior designer and learned business finance the hard way over the last decade. Seeing the same pattern of money stress and shame in dozens of her clients has fueled her passion for financial literacy for small business owners, especially for women and creatives.Jacinthe is also a long-time yogi and meditator. This, along with her personal and professional development efforts, has been part of her toolkit to stay present, minimize the emotional dips, and lean into the lessons on the entrepreneurial roller coaster as they inevitably come up. Listen in on what she's learned as she busts some 6-figure myths.
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